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The Case

Crucial to the success of the product as a whole was a case design that impressed aesthetically while being able to house the multi-functionality of its components and ensuring upmost comfort when worn.


To acheive this we created a soft, curved underside with protruding looped lugs that flowed around the circumference of the wearer's wrist then, for balance, gave the bezel a rugged, angled grip giving an impression of forward motion or constant travel.

The design of the lugs allows the wearer to attach and remove the two accompanying straps with utmost ease and, due to their size, allow for the 44m case diameter to appear smaller on the wrist.

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Monro Adventure timepieces are bespoke in design with each detail enhancing their functionality.


Crown grips, for example, match the forward motion design of the bezel and are coloured differently according to the function they control; at 4 o'clock the colour matches the GMT hand and at 2 o'clock the colour matches the world city ring. The concentric aperture in the minute hand allows the hour hand to be visible at all times while the GMT hand, inspired by the location pin drop of our logo, is finished in a contrasting colour to the dial for clear reading of the second timezone. The case back has been designed to incorporate a GMT scale to help determine which months of the year require you to make calculations based on daylight savings.




The traditional method of reading the time using the main hour, minute and second hands


In this case the GMT hand is used for the hour reading.

The GMT hand takes 24 hours to complete one full turn. If the local time is 10:10 then it should either point to 10 on the bezel if it's morning or 22 if it's night.



To set the GMT hand as a second timezone, pull out and rotate the crown at 2 o'clock. This will turn the world city ring in either direction. Line up your current location to the local time on the bezel.  (If the local time is 10:10 in the morning, line your location to 10 on the bezel.) Then pull out the crown at 4 o'clock to the first position and rotate anti-clockwise.

This will turn the GMT hand. Line the hand to your destination and push the crown back. The GMT hand now shows the time at your destination by reading the 24 hour markers on the bezel.


Rotate the uni-directional bezel in line with the minute hand to provide a start time for minutes elapsed

MA_6 Lume.jpg


For function visibility 24 hours a day, the Monro Adventure has tri-luminosity to provide legibility in the darkest environments of the world.

Local Time

Hour hand & hour index in green luminous.

24 Hour Time/ Second Timezone 

GMT hand and 24 hour bezel markers in white luminous.


Elaspsed Dive Time

Minute hand & bezel triangle in blue luminous.

MA_1_Explode Auto.jpg


Monro Adventure has been manufactured using high grade materials, precision engineering and years of industry experience.

Case - Stainless steel 316L, three piece construction

Movement - Seiko Automatic NH34A GMT

Bezel - 120x notch, uni directional rotaing

Bezel Insert - Scratch resistant, deep black ceramic

Glass - Scratch resistant sapphire
Water Resistance - 100m



Monro Adventure is beautifully presented in its own travel passport. Encased in a FSC approved, recycled paper box in a rich burgundy leather grain finish with silver foiled detail, the case and two straps are securely fitted in a soft black eco-friendly EVA material ensuring complete protection for its Adventure.​


Where will  time take you?

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